The Problem

Water is known as the “universal solvent” because of its ability to dissolve more substances than anything on earth. Water also has a unique inverse temperature solubility of calcium and magnesium carbonate, the main components of limestone and concrete. Together, they express what is known as “hardness.” This means that you can dissolve more hardness in cold water than in hot water. Water spots form when water dries and leaves behind deposits such as calcium, magnesium, iron, dirt, and pollutants. These deposits bond directly to the drying surface in a crystalline lattice structure.

In the past, removing water spots from your boat involved

  • Products that just don’t work
  • Dangerous acids that
    • Emit fumes or take your breath away
    • Burn your skin or eyes
    • Discolor painted surfaces
    • Etch, discolor, or rust metal
    • Over time can ruin trailer, wheels, and tow vehicles
  • Abrasives that
    • Scratch everything up
    • Are often messy
    • Are difficult to apply on colored gel coats without creating unsightly swirl marks
    • What’s more, they provide no UV protection and require additional steps to apply wax.
    • Cannot be used on upholstery or most metal surfaces without ruining the surface

The Solution

Now you can prevent calcium, magnesium, iron, dirt, and pollutants from bonding directly to your boat, wave runner car, RV, or bike by using Spotless. Spotless is a one-step advanced technology water spot remover with UV protection wax.

  • Removes hard water spots from premium quality gel coat fiberglass, windshields, painted surfaces, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum.
  • Dissolves and chelates minerals.
  • Releases bonds than bind dirt and pollutants
  • Brightens chrome, high-polished aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Protects against UV damage with Carnuba wax
  • Don’t forget to wipe down your tow vehicle too!