How did you develop the water spot remover?


In early 2013, I discover that non-odor chemical chelant formula used for removing major scale deposits from metal finishes without corrosion damage performs even better on fiberglass. First formulation combining this water spot remover with wax was nothing short of amazing. Product performs flawlessly during testing and evaluation for one full boating season. Friends and family encourage me to bring product to market. In 2014, Spotless Boat LLC is formed as an Indiana manufacturing and marketing company.


In 2004, I developed the first vinegar wax for boats. It was something I always shared with friends, but never marketed. Countless failures to replace smelly vinegar.


In 2003, Dave Briscoe, Team USA Coach, teaches me to wipe down boat with vinegar after taking it out of the water. Super smelly, but it was a great water spot remover!


In 1991, embarked on a career specializing in preventing hard water mineral deposits on industrial heat exchangers.


In 1989, I started my career with a Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing corporation.


In 1978, my friend Butch taught me to shammy down the boat after every use “before it dries.”

About Us

The story of how I developed this product begins with my love of boats since childhood. In 1967, Principal Walker invited my family to go boating. We got hooked on being on the water, and shortly thereafter Papa bought our first boat. Then, in 1975, Bart’s Watersports showed a video of Hydroslide, and we are barefooting in no time.

I bought my first boat at the age of 22 and since that time I’ve enjoyed thousands of hours boating with family and friends. In 2013, this lifestyle was “officially” passed on to the next generation when my son bought his first boat.

For me, there is nothing like tinkering around with an old boat and hearing it fire for the first time, or seeing the sail fill with your first wind, or feeling the methodical motion of waves, or hearing the water hitting the hull of the boat, or catching your sport fish, or teaching the scout troop the water ski merit badge, or seeing your son land his invert on a wakeboard, or presenting a Gold Medal to the Collegiate National Championship Team on CBS Sports, or selecting Team USA. It is a lifestyle and it’s our way of life.